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You will receive a card in the mail from our prescription vendor AWPRx. Use of the card will eliminate any copay or other charge to you. We can arrange home delivery if you would like. If you wish to use your AWPRx card, or accept home delivery via AWPRx, simply use your card. However, this is strictly VOLUNTARY.  Any pharmacy can fill your related and necessary prescriptions. Just show the Triad card with our contact information or ask the pharmacy to call our main number 800-337-7419 and press Zero. If you require diagnostic testing such as an MRI or EMG, you have the option to schedule your test within 48 hours through our network, One Call Care Management by calling (800) 872-2875.


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Please feel free to call us at (800) 337-7419 with any questions.


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If you would like a friend or family member to be able to communicate with us concerning your claim, please execute this form and forward to us via fax or e-mail.


Did you know that there are specially trained medical providers who can provide you with the best available medical care at no cost or out of pocket expense to you? Click here to learn more about the World Trade Center Health Program.


The Triad Group has a designated WTC administrator, Patricia Walts, to address any issues that arise during the transition. They will serve as the claimants' first point of contact for all claim administration issues and can be reached at:


Patricia Walts, Licensed Claims Adjuster

Triad Group LLC

400 Jordan Rd

Troy, NY  12180

PH:  800-337-7419 x337

FX:  866-287-8570



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a pharamcy.

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400 Jordan Road

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